Spark your experiences on the map

Your experiences on the map

Discover what is happening in any place and make others aware about it.

Indicator Spark


Publish Sparks around you for 24 hours.

Indicator Spark


Follow your friends and see what they say.

Indicator Spark


Search places, plans, suggestions...

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What you will be able to do on Sparker

Search places

Know what people are saying in one specific place.

Search topics

Add a hastag to your search to find what people are saying about that.

Search people

Find out others plans.


Share photos & messages

Everything that happen around you, Spark it on the map.

Build your personal map

Pin the Sparks in your profile if you don't want them to be remove.

And follow others

Discover the most interesting places and what other experience.

Spark it!

Look what Sparks you can light

Connect with your city

Live all the experiences around you!

Connect with your city

Live all the experiences around you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sparker is an app that allows you to publish geolocated messages that other people can see through the map. You will be able to publish Sparks with text, images and links. Light those Sparks by telling your experiences!

Totally! At Sparker we won't ask you for any payment method or charge you for being a user and sharing your Sparks.

A Spark is a message located on the map that can include text, images and/or links. These Sparks will remain on the map for 24 hours. In addition, you can keep the ones you want lit on your profile, and create your personal map of experiences.

Sparker is a service that uses geolocation to share messages on the map and show you the Sparks nearby. This makes it essential to have the location of your device activated.

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