Our mission is

Connect and increase awareness between people's now and here in a truthful, real and responsible way


About us

Sparker is an application that allows you, through geolocated messages on the map, to connect with your environment, to know other users' favorite places, to be present from a distance at fashion events, to travel from your device to any place in the world, to meet people with your same interests, to make plans, to live experiences, to show other users your favorite places and events and to create your own map with photos and comments of places that have been special for you and that you want to share with the rest of the world.

Each Spark you publish will be shown for 24 hours on the map through a light that the rest of the users can see, share and comment. After those 24 hours, the Spark will disappear unless you want it to remain in your profile, creating your own personal map with the memories you want to remain in the future.

Sparker is social

It is formed by all its users. Each of us leave a trail of all our experiences, inviting others to find out about them and share them with us. Sparker invites you to enjoy and socialize.

Sparker is truthful

We show you what is happening in the world at that moment. No cheating, no tricks.

Sparker is spatial

First of all, Sparker is a map, where you can show everything that is happening and discover all the plans of your city.

Sparker is temporary

Life is measured in time and at Sparker we don't want you to waste it. Find out and join the plan!

Sparker is more than a communication tool, more than a social network, it is a "digital window" that allows you to connect with the world.

The name Sparker refers to you, who lights up the Sparks on the map and makes your city light up.


Connect and increase awareness between people's now and here in a truthful, real and responsible way.

Our vision is to create a real-time collaborative map where everyone is given a voice, encouraging outdoor exploration and living experiences.

Sparker was born as a response to people's need to know what is happening around them or anywhere in the world, without having a friendship relationship with anyone in that place, or having to be interested in a particular topic.

In Sparker the important thing is the "where" over the "who" and even the "what".

By providing access to photos and opinions about what is happening anywhere in the world where there are users turning on Sparks, we help other users get to know the place better, the events that take place there, the essential places, the unmissable events and what is happening in real time.

All our work is focused on giving you the best experience and service.


At Sparker we put new technologies and geolocation at the service of our users, respecting and carefully guarding their personal information and their interaction with the application.

Honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, reliability, discretion and innovation are our fundamental pillars to put the user at the center of all our decisions.

Our team members

Sparker was founded by Adrián Casimiro, Javier Arias Maroto, Javier de Pedro, Jesús Liébana and Juan Pablo García Valadés in 2020, although the design and programming work for the first versions was carried out from 2019 onwards.

The team stands out for the complementarity of the founders' profiles, with each one contributing their great training and experience in the fields of user knowledge, design, front end, back end, finance and business communication.

Team Members

Adrián Casimiro Álvarez

Chief Executive Officer
Team Members

Javier Arias Maroto

Chief Marketing & Creativity Officer
Team Members

Javier De Pedro López

Chief Operating Officer
Team Members

Jesús Liebana Losada

Chief Technology Officer
Team Members

Juan Pablo García Valadés

Chief Communications & Financial Officer