Community norms

Sparker informs about the community norms in the use of its services:


At Sparker we have the utmost respect for freedom and want you to express yourself as openly as possible. However, we also want Sparker to be a safe and friendly place, so users will be committed to respect some simple rules to ensure responsibility, security, privacy, dignity and legality of both members of Sparker and anyone outside Sparker.

Sparker is above all, a place of meeting and communication, where each user can show what is happening around them or their opinions freely and with the least restriction. Although we all know that the anonymity that networks can provide, sometimes they generate abuses and situations that cannot be admitted.

Because of Sparker's spirit of freedom, we do not want to make a complex document that could limit our users' freedom of expression or cover each and every unacceptable demonstration. With these simple rules contained in this document, we appeal to common sense and to the maxim that you should not do and say anything that you would not like to be said or done against you.

Respect and responsibility

At Sparker, we want coexistence to be based on the exercise of responsibility by each user and for you to be the ones to decide what is useful and what is not for other users in relation to principles based on respect:

  • Diversity: Sparker is a diverse space, as is society itself, so no attacks of any kind will be allowed against this diversity that enriches us all, whether it is due to race, religion, identity or sexual orientation.
  • Authenticity: One way to ensure self-control of the opinions expressed in Sparker is to ensure the authenticity of the registered users. That's why we don't want any profiles that could be misleading, fraudulent or impersonating any user.
  • Spam: The authenticity we ask for users, we also ask for Sparks. So we will limit the abuse of the service by the dissemination of spam or any type of message that has another purpose other than rational communication either through any user or bot.
  • Fake news: Sparker users should undertake to try to limit, as far as possible, the spread of false news when it seeks to be considered as objective news, not as subjective opinions.
  • Sex and nudity: We know that the limitation of messages with nude photos generate some controversy, so the limitation of this type of messages will come from the compliance of legality and common sense. Respect for diversity makes us understand that, images and allusions to explicit sex or with sexual content (representation of genitals, breasts or buttocks, covered or uncovered, to provoke sexual pleasure), can offend other users, so this type of content will not be allowed at the moment. In the future we will consider the use of "Sensitive Content" to display these types of postings.


Together we have to make sure that Sparker is a safe place and that it is not used to incite, promote or protect any activity that puts other users at risk:

  • Self-harm: In order to make Sparker as safe environment as possible, in Sparks you are not allowed to display any graphic material, advocate or incite any practice of self-harm, eating disorders or suicide, as well as comments that are against the dignity of survivors of suicide attempts, victims of self-harm or affected by eating disorders. As soon as we have evidence of any self-harming practice, we will bring it to the attention of the authorities.
  • Bullying: Sometimes bullying finds shelter and uses new technologies to do even more harm to the victims of this type of practice. We will not allow any Spark to encourage, protect or spread any type of bullying. In this sense, Sparks that serve as harassment regardless of the age of the victim will not be allowed.
  • Violence: Sparks that glorify and promote violence are not allowed. Nor is the dissemination of cruel and insensitive content permitted. Unfortunately, however, we are often surrounded by acts of violence, the dissemination of which serves to raise public awareness, to criticise or to debate. In these cases we will allow this type of content as long as it does not harm the dignity of any person or animal.


  • Private information: It is not permitted to disseminate private data of third parties without their knowledge and consent, such as telephone numbers, postal or electronic addresses ... Nor do we allow other users to be encouraged to disseminate this type of data.
  • Non-consensual nudity: The dissemination of intimate images of third parties without their consent is not permitted.


At Sparker we believe that all people should be treated with dignity, equal rights and respect. We will not allow this individual dignity to be attacked, denigrated or harassed.


Beyond these simple community rules, Sparker will ensure respect for the law in force in the geographical area of each user with special attention to:

  • Regulated goods and services
  • Scams and frauds
  • Violence
  • Criminal organizations
  • Promotion and dissemination of illegal acts
  • Pirated material
  • Sexual services
  • Intellectual property
  • Sexual abuse
  • Child abuse

Deceased users

Family members of deceased Sparker users may request the cancellation of an account as long as they can prove the death of the user and their status as legal heirs.

Reporting Criminal Behavior

Any Spark that has a criminal purpose will be reported to the competent authorities as soon as it is known.